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A robust, open platform for any device

mintyfusion Software-as-a-Service (SaaS,) designed as an ordering engine for restaurants/hotel chains with 3 or more locations. Drive revenue per square foot through swift and stunning branded interfaces on top of a secure, stable commerce platform. Let us handle servers and uptime so that you can focus on hospitality and happy customers.

A delightful experience in every pocket

Delight customers everywhere with native iOS, Android, and online ordering capabilities. Features like Upsell and Group Ordering are designed to maximize your e-commerce results.

Flawless integration

Built to work with modern point-of-sale (POS) systems, payment providers, and loyalty programs. You’ll receive dedicated support along the way, from POS experts and usability pros alike.

Insight and control

From individual stores to your entire operation, mintyfusion provides the visibility and control you need at every level. Manage menus and day-to-day business with our administrative dashboard and transform your brand by harnessing the purchase and behavioral data it provides.

Build something beautiful

Partner with mintyfusion to create a fully custom experience for your brand. Layer in additional services, loyalty, and brand-specific functionality for a truly custom build.

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